It’s high past time to mention food as a means of nurture!

Eating something broadly healthy is a good start. Well… actually, let’s go back a step: Eating anything is a good start – skipped breakfasts, skipped lunches etc. are not so hot on the nurture!

But if you’ve got as far as having some food available, what makes a meal nurturing rather than just broadly nutritious? There’s bound to be loads of different answers to that!

Minced lamb and hummus

Spiced Lamb with Hummus, pine nuts, pomegranate

Here’s my personal recipe for food that nurtures:

    • Local Produce – Fresh ingredients, purchased from my local grocer, butcher, deli and other friendly stores and suppliers. Preferably grown or reared locally too, but I treat that with a dose of reality (or there would be no olives, lemons, or pretty little pomegranate seeds!)
    • Natural produce – seasonal vegetables I’ve grown myself, or veg grown by suppliers with a focus on taste and nutrition rather than uniformity of size and colour.
    • Home Cooked – no additives, no preservatives just freshly, lovingly, home cooked food.
    • Colourful – my favourite meals are all full of vibrant colour
Tuna Nicoise Salad

Colourful Tuna Nicoise

  • Gorgeous taste – flavours that make me smile, my personal favourite palate
  • Presentation – Nice plates, relaxing surroundings, a few soft details like flowers on the table, and candles.
  • Cake – Afternoon tea is a meal! Lovely fresh baked cake, especially after a wonderful walk
Banoffee Cake

Banoffee Cake… with added mountain backdrop 🙂

  • Company – Relaxed, warm hearted company, the sound of laughter and chatter… probably the chink of wine glasses too 🙂
  • Eating consciously! – Savouring flavours, a bit of awareness of what I’m eating, appreciating, grateful for.
  • And also … This is real life! Sometimes it’s fish & chips from my favourite chippy, happily consumed with salt and balsamic vinegar, snuggled up watching a favourite film: It is not so conscious, not so healthy… but ohhhh so snuggly!!!

So, what makes meals nurturing for you? What are your personal ingredients?

P.S Here’s the recipe for those Banoffee Cakes

5 responses to “Foooooood!!

  1. Lush!! Now I’m hungry!!
    Freshly grilled salmon, new potatoes, fresh salad with some dressing. Simple and lovely.
    A glass of frisky white wine goes well too!!


  2. Another fab post. Unfortunately I have used food to emotionally comfort me since I was a child so I have a far more love hate relationship with food not a good nurturing relationship with food, something I need to work on still.

    The Banoffee Cakes are lovely, not sure they will be as good when I try to bake them as they will be missing the mountain air and your nurturing baking touch. Nurturing food = anything cooked by someone else!


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