Why write about daily nurture?

I’ve tried living without paying much attention to my own needs. I found it pretty exhausting and I keeled over on a fairly regular basis with minor ailments, or got through the days to reel home and fall asleep in front of the evening news.

I then tried living with my needs being mega important. That seemed to be a bottomless greedy focus, a leaning towards having things go your own way, often. That sucks.

Some years on, a mode that’s some place in the middle feels just right. In this way of living, I am working in service of others, I enjoy giving my time, care and experience; I share my particular skills and way of being; I set boundaries and I’m flexible enough to adjust them; I stretch myself appropriately without straining anything 😉

I also pay attention to what supports me, nourishes me and refills my energy levels. Physical, mental and spiritual nurture refuels me and enables me to give more and live more.

Ha ha! Hang on, reality check: Those last two paragraphs – they don’t happen all the time!!! But they happen waaaaaaay more often than they used to.

I come across more exhausted people than well nurtured people, more tired people addressing situations by trying hard – doing the same thing only louder – than relaxed and resourceful people spotting nifty ways forward. Hell, I’m often anything but relaxed and resourceful myself! I don’t believe any of us get to be awesome all the time. It’s more a case of tipping the balance, having more capable moments than head plants.

Thing is, what exactly does nurture look like for you? What’s practical? What works best for you? What is too weird to explore, and what’s excitingly different? That’s the kind of stuff I’m going to share on this blog, from personal experience, in whatever way it happens to emerge.

So I write this blog for all the tired people realising that maybe they can do a teeny bit more to refuel themselves. It’s for everyone who is flummoxed as to what the heck self care and nurture actually looks like in practice. It’s for everyone fearing they’ll turn in to a selfish/lazy monster if they actually do pause to have that cup of tea before cooking dinner. And it’s for me to remind myself that I am not superwoman (although I can be super) and I am better able to both give and enjoy giving with a little bit of nurture.

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