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Get away…

Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgement will be surer; since to remain constantly at work will cause you to lose power of judgement…

Go some distance away because the work appears smaller and more of it can be taken in at a glance, and a lock of harmony of proportion is more readily seen – Leonardo Da Vinci

Get away from it all

Get away from it all

Find a Thinking Rock

Find a Thinking Rock… Ok, what’s a Thinking Rock?

This is a Thinking Rock:


So is this:


It doesn’t actually literally have to be a rock. I do seem to be partial to them myself, but the fact that it’s a rock is not the essential bit. The essential bit is:

  • You can sit down
  • When you sit down, the views fill your senses. You can gaze, listen, be awed
  • The place feels special to you
  • It’s peaceful, you can sit undisturbed

So, the Thinking Rock doesn’t have to be a rock, it could be a bench, a handy tree trunk, a sunny patch of grass … Some place outside where you love the views, be they hills and mountains, streams, rivers, parkland, garden, seaside.

Then there’s the “Thinking” bit. You don’t actually think at the Thinking Rock either.  The point of the Thinking Rock is that once there, your senses are so full and you feel connected to views so uplifting, that you forget all about conscious thinking.

The Thinking Rock allows your thoughts to stop scampering about trying to find an answer. It tucks your ego up in an awesome snuggle of nature and allows your brain to untangle. It eases fear, tension and grasping for answers. It calms, sooths, rebalances. It brings a little zing of inspiration. Your Thinking Rock is space for you to Just Be. It’s a space where you find it easy to Just Be. In such a place, you can feel what you really feel.

Let nature do the work. Sit and be awed. Allow contents to settle.

Find your Thinking Rock, where you need neither think nor be sat on a rock.

That is all 🙂

Snow Day

Today there was snow: Inspiring, beautiful, view-changing, scrunchy crunchy exciting snow. Here’s highlights of some of the views I fed on – no words necessary I think! Wrap up warm, and enjoy your Snow Day 🙂















Pics from the Black Mountains – temporarily white – on the eastern edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales.

Right now…

No two walks are ever the same, even if you travel the same route.

Even within a season, the light, temperature, the clouds, the people and wildlife you encounter, the direction you happen to glance in, how you’re feeling… they’re ever changing. For that reason I never tire of walking familiar territory: It is both familiar, and brand new every time.



I also love the excitement of the very first time on a new path or sheep track, the new views that emerge and the sense of discovery waiting to experience whatever is ahead.


Do you have a particular way of relating to nature? A style of relationship? For me it’s a very accepting one, no expectation other than tending to be extremely content in all kinds of conditions, excited by the new, and excitedly seeing new in the familiar.

How wonderful to bring even a smidge of that freshness to the day to day stuff of life… And how wonderful to know the environment which draws out and nurtures such simple pleasure!



Pictures from the Black Mountains, Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales


To walk, amble or gaze at nature is the best restorative I know: Balancing, reliably effective, uplifting, calming.



Wishing you a happy 2015

Sunrise … especially in winter

Winter brings the option to enjoy watching the sunrise at a broadly civilised time … a wonderful start to the day!

Frosty winter sunrise, North Downs


Sunrise Capel-y-ffin

What a difference a day makes

Sometimes nature’s nurture is a stunning transformation, like the difference one overnight shower can make on a baltic, snowy mountainside!

Snowy Hay Bluff

Hay Bluff wrapped in baltic dusting of February Snow

Hay Bluff

Hay Bluff the next morning…

Sunny hay Bluff

… and later that afternoon!!

Quiet moments

Sometimes nature’s nurture is providing thinking space, a great rock to sit on, and a very stunning view …


Rock seat Ewyas valley

The vale of Ewyas, generous & inspiring

Wild and strong…

Nature’s nurture … meeting the wild and strong…

Grey Stallion Cat's Back, Black Mountains

Mountain Stallion on The Cat’s Back, Black Mountains

… the wild and cute…

Cute Montain Pony Hay Bluff

Mountain Pony, Hay Bluff

… the wild and deeply contented…
Mountain Pony rolling

… and the wild and grinning madly 😀

Mountain pony funny face


A little flower arranging…

Flower arranging … not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea but like drawing, we can all do it if we allow that the end result will be within our own style and capability.

My flower arranging style generally involves pottering around whatever natural environment I’m in and picking out a few of whatever there is plenty of: Even better if it can be salvaged having fallen off its perch… Autumn leaves are about to be a good example!

Arranging them in various rustic styles fills a happy few minutes of creative going with the flow… an arrangement that emerges rather than needing to adhere to any preconceived plan. Free, natural, playful, creative, a connection, sharing… yep, that’s nurturing!

What would your style be?

Autumn leaves

Autumn “Flower” arrangement

Autumn leaves moss and log

One log retrieved from the woodpile, one handful of leaves, bit of moss …

French marigold & Dog Rose flower vases

Summer flowers: Dog Rose, Marigolds, Grasses, & shot glasses 🙂

Common Sense alert: Don’t go picking any old stuff, especially bright red things that look poisonous. No raiding your neighbour’s front garden either. Checking and removing any creepy crawlies before bringing stuff inside is highly recommended…