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A little flower arranging…

Flower arranging … not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea but like drawing, we can all do it if we allow that the end result will be within our own style and capability.

My flower arranging style generally involves pottering around whatever natural environment I’m in and picking out a few of whatever there is plenty of: Even better if it can be salvaged having fallen off its perch… Autumn leaves are about to be a good example!

Arranging them in various rustic styles fills a happy few minutes of creative going with the flow… an arrangement that emerges rather than needing to adhere to any preconceived plan. Free, natural, playful, creative, a connection, sharing… yep, that’s nurturing!

What would your style be?

Autumn leaves

Autumn “Flower” arrangement

Autumn leaves moss and log

One log retrieved from the woodpile, one handful of leaves, bit of moss …

French marigold & Dog Rose flower vases

Summer flowers: Dog Rose, Marigolds, Grasses, & shot glasses 🙂

Common Sense alert: Don’t go picking any old stuff, especially bright red things that look poisonous. No raiding your neighbour’s front garden either. Checking and removing any creepy crawlies before bringing stuff inside is highly recommended…

Daily Nurture: Stop to smell the flowers.. and look at them too

After a weekend away, today’s moment of nurture was simple: A happy few minutes wandering around the allotment catching up with new flowers and baby veg.

Nurturing this plot, creating its style, choosing what to plant, the simple activities of weeding, watering and harvesting… many calming and nurturing moments out here!

Sweetpeas rambling up the runner beans

Sweetpeas rambling up the runner beans

Runner Beans and Sunflowers

Some of the sunflowers tonight…

The start of the sunflowers, 3 months earlier ;)

… and the start of the sunflowers, 3 months earlier 😉

Loving the seed development in the sunflowers

Lovely seeds developing

Coriander, Marigolds, Mint, Sage and Parsnips

Coriander, Marigolds, Mint, Sage and Parsnips

Endless sunny marigolds

Endless sunny marigolds

For me:

Creating and tending a little bit of planting feels nurturing