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Right now…

No two walks are ever the same, even if you travel the same route.

Even within a season, the light, temperature, the clouds, the people and wildlife you encounter, the direction you happen to glance in, how you’re feeling… they’re ever changing. For that reason I never tire of walking familiar territory: It is both familiar, and brand new every time.



I also love the excitement of the very first time on a new path or sheep track, the new views that emerge and the sense of discovery waiting to experience whatever is ahead.


Do you have a particular way of relating to nature? A style of relationship? For me it’s a very accepting one, no expectation other than tending to be extremely content in all kinds of conditions, excited by the new, and excitedly seeing new in the familiar.

How wonderful to bring even a smidge of that freshness to the day to day stuff of life… And how wonderful to know the environment which draws out and nurtures such simple pleasure!



Pictures from the Black Mountains, Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales


To walk, amble or gaze at nature is the best restorative I know: Balancing, reliably effective, uplifting, calming.



Wishing you a happy 2015

Creating Daily Nurture

This blog was born on August 1st, after a particularly sunny and beautiful early morning jog.


I set out to share an exploration of what actually feels nurturing, inviting everyone who reads this to consider what nurtures them best.

We have explored quotes, food, books, sunsets and bubble wrap…. compliments, , jigsaws, walks by rivers, gifts from mountains, walks in nature and walks with cats …. accepting uncertainty, enjoying sunflowers, enjoying hugs

Of all the discoveries this month, two things stand out loudest to me:

Firstly, that a focus on nurturing yourself is in itself nurturing

Simply remembering to check in each day and consciously create a nurturing moment created a sense of gentle well being, a little smile. But not just in that moment! That cheeky little inner smile warmed up, moments of nurture started to happen more often, in more and more ways … this stuff is catchy!! 😉

Offa's Dyke Path seen from Capel-y-ffin

Nurture from the hills that hug

Secondly, that there are in fact a zillion little things every day that are nurturing. They are there all around us, all the time. The difference is whether we slow down enough to notice, smile, and gratefully receive 🙂

Raindrops on pink rose

It seems to me that there is a healthy balance to be felt out, one that enables us to give and enables us to receive, to refuel. Finding the balance, and adjusting that balance as daily circumstances change, is both a skill and a habit.

A big thank you to everyone who’s shared this first month of Daily Nurture, and in particular thank you for sharing all the different ways you’ve been creating nurture for yourselves!

More nurturing stuff in the coming month… Here’s to nurturing the nurturing habit… !

Nature’s Nurture

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul – John Muir

Autumn view of valley below Gospel Pass

Where nature may heal

Oh, I hardly need to say anything about this one!

Anyone who has taken a walk in nature will know how nurturing wild places are… anyone who’s gazed at a view and been moved by the immense beauty, watched a teeny ant carrying a crazy out-of-proportion load, taken a smiling sniff from a fragrant flower, admired the colours on an Autumn leaf, ambled through woods listening to the birds sing, sat by a giggling stream, gaped at the peaceful grandeur of a loch or lakeside, played on gnarly tors, looked out on fens and moors, mountains and huggy hillsides … oh the list is endless!

Nature fills your senses … sights, sounds, smells, feel and oh yes a home cooked meal sure tastes even better after a walk!

Nature connects us to basics, grounds us and teaches us, teaches us to manage hazards – and then relax and enjoy our experience.

Nature is full of wild beauty and gentle detail. Nature will rain on you, blow your hair sideways, warm you, cool you and sometimes freeze your wotsits off. Nature connects, calms, inspires, nurtures. And it is free.

This is my moment of nurture today, remembering this rich gift and taking a moment outside to reconnect with the eternal wisdom and love that speaks through nature. That and letting rip with a bit of waxing lyrical 😉

And forget not that the earth longs to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair – Kahil Gibran

Little one in big valley

Nature nurture

What’s your favourite bit of nature nurture?

Creating Daily Nurture: First bonus ball

Today’s daily nurture came with a bonus ball.

I had more “stuff” in today’s diary, including a long train journey… so thinking about when to make space for my bit of nurture actually started happening yesterday evening.

I considered whether getting a taxi to the station would be my created nurture, instead of a brisk walk after my early morning Skype call.

Well,  I decided to treat myself to the taxi, but also decided that it didn’t exactly feel like nurture. It was a sensible and gentle choice for sure, certainly removed some rushing about. But it didn’t actively REFUEL me, the taxi ride itself did not add any WOOOO! factor.

So my first conclusion today was about what I feel nurture is, and is not:

Nurture actively refuels you. Nurture is more than removing or reducing a drain on your energy, it actively tops UP your energy.

Nurture... actively tops you up even if you're not moving

Nurture… actively tops you up even if you’re not moving

So I pondered what else felt nice to do. As I was going to be sat on a train for a while, I decided to listen to a podcast that I downloaded a while ago,  from an Inspired Entrepreneurs talk that I found uplifting, down to earth and full of laughs. That had a nice feeling of taking good care of oneself!

What’s more there was a bonus ball…  thinking about how I wanted to create my nurturing moment was feeling really good too: Bonus!!!

Wooooah… this stuff spreads 😉

So my second conclusion today was:

A focus on nurturing yourself is in itself nurturing.

Struth. This is just Day 2!!! That’s why I’ve taken a punt and titled today’s blog, the FIRST bonus ball ….

Enjoying just sitting

Enjoying just sitting

P.S Sorry, didn’t take photo of taxi, train or anything today so I’ve used photos from earlier this year… Sitting still with beautiful views all around is definitely something that tops me up!

One moment of nurture every day

It’s August 1st, and I’ve just been out for an early morning run in beautiful sunshine.

That’s the second time I’ve been out for a run this year, and I’m rather impressed with every aspect of it!

Whilst my legs were a little confused by the rate of pace – I’m more usually out walking –  the rest of me seemed delighted to be out and about getting some endorphins bopping away, and my eyes gorged on the warm golden chalk Downs, truly fields of gold at this time of year.


And the end result? A lovely way to start the day, full of beauty, full of good mornings and smiles exchanged with people out walking dogs or running, flavoured with a healthy permission I gave myself to jog not run – and invigorating mischief as I scampered at full pelt on a gentle downhill section, just for the fun of it.

Ideas that have been bubbling for a while came together as I pootled along the beautiful paths. 15 minutes after getting home, this blog is up and running and I’ve popped back up to the Downs to grab a few photos to share.

Nature and nurture, it’s a passion, an obsession a lifelong journey for me.

So my challenge to myself – and to anyone reading – is this:

Every day for the next month, CREATE a moment of nurture for yourself

It can literally be seconds if need be – if you’re a parent with little ones, that might be a realistic aim. But create it yourself. Choose.


If you’re up for a second challenge, please would you share your moments here on this blog and inspire others to do the same?

I believe in giving lots to other people. I have found that in order to do that, topping up one’s own tank is not optional, it is essential.


So relax, this isn’t about being selfish. It is a Responsible, Grown Up means of living life in full.

To lead an effective life of service, you really do need to take care of yourself – Thomas Kinkade

P.S. You are of course, not limited to just one moment of nurture every day …