Creating Daily Nurture: First bonus ball

Today’s daily nurture came with a bonus ball.

I had more “stuff” in today’s diary, including a long train journey… so thinking about when to make space for my bit of nurture actually started happening yesterday evening.

I considered whether getting a taxi to the station would be my created nurture, instead of a brisk walk after my early morning Skype call.

Well,  I decided to treat myself to the taxi, but also decided that it didn’t exactly feel like nurture. It was a sensible and gentle choice for sure, certainly removed some rushing about. But it didn’t actively REFUEL me, the taxi ride itself did not add any WOOOO! factor.

So my first conclusion today was about what I feel nurture is, and is not:

Nurture actively refuels you. Nurture is more than removing or reducing a drain on your energy, it actively tops UP your energy.

Nurture... actively tops you up even if you're not moving

Nurture… actively tops you up even if you’re not moving

So I pondered what else felt nice to do. As I was going to be sat on a train for a while, I decided to listen to a podcast that I downloaded a while ago,  from an Inspired Entrepreneurs talk that I found uplifting, down to earth and full of laughs. That had a nice feeling of taking good care of oneself!

What’s more there was a bonus ball…  thinking about how I wanted to create my nurturing moment was feeling really good too: Bonus!!!

Wooooah… this stuff spreads 😉

So my second conclusion today was:

A focus on nurturing yourself is in itself nurturing.

Struth. This is just Day 2!!! That’s why I’ve taken a punt and titled today’s blog, the FIRST bonus ball ….

Enjoying just sitting

Enjoying just sitting

P.S Sorry, didn’t take photo of taxi, train or anything today so I’ve used photos from earlier this year… Sitting still with beautiful views all around is definitely something that tops me up!

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