One moment of nurture every day

It’s August 1st, and I’ve just been out for an early morning run in beautiful sunshine.

That’s the second time I’ve been out for a run this year, and I’m rather impressed with every aspect of it!

Whilst my legs were a little confused by the rate of pace – I’m more usually out walking –  the rest of me seemed delighted to be out and about getting some endorphins bopping away, and my eyes gorged on the warm golden chalk Downs, truly fields of gold at this time of year.


And the end result? A lovely way to start the day, full of beauty, full of good mornings and smiles exchanged with people out walking dogs or running, flavoured with a healthy permission I gave myself to jog not run – and invigorating mischief as I scampered at full pelt on a gentle downhill section, just for the fun of it.

Ideas that have been bubbling for a while came together as I pootled along the beautiful paths. 15 minutes after getting home, this blog is up and running and I’ve popped back up to the Downs to grab a few photos to share.

Nature and nurture, it’s a passion, an obsession a lifelong journey for me.

So my challenge to myself – and to anyone reading – is this:

Every day for the next month, CREATE a moment of nurture for yourself

It can literally be seconds if need be – if you’re a parent with little ones, that might be a realistic aim. But create it yourself. Choose.


If you’re up for a second challenge, please would you share your moments here on this blog and inspire others to do the same?

I believe in giving lots to other people. I have found that in order to do that, topping up one’s own tank is not optional, it is essential.


So relax, this isn’t about being selfish. It is a Responsible, Grown Up means of living life in full.

To lead an effective life of service, you really do need to take care of yourself – Thomas Kinkade

P.S. You are of course, not limited to just one moment of nurture every day …

4 responses to “One moment of nurture every day

  1. WOOHOO! Way to go lady! xxx


  2. Excellent start, I have decided to pretend I started this on Monday, so four nurturning moments for me today – result!


  3. I am loving *nurturing moments* this is one healthy project I can do easily!! Thank you for the inspiration.


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