Daily Nurture – more ideas

We’re now at the end of the third week of this blog, and the third week of August’s “One moment of nurture every day” exploration.

If you missed it first time round, you’ll find the initial ideas for daily nurture on here: Ideas so far.

Two toddlers share a hug

Share a hug

And here’s more nurturing ideas that have emerged during the last week or so – thank you to everyone who has contributed via comments, tweets and Facebook posts!

  • Pop some bubble wrap!
  • Watch a film that inspires you
  • Remind yourself of a favourite quote
  • Search online for quotes relating to something you need or love (e.g. hope, patience, courage, mountains, sea, cake…)
  • Find an on-line jigsaw creator app and load up a picture you love, then tootle through the jigsaw
  • Spend time with friends that listen
  • Share a hug!
  • Watch a sunset
  • Send a surprise gift to someone
  • Cook something special
Sunset, North Downs

Watch a sunset…

So… one more week on this August creating daily nurture game…. What other ideas will you come up with?

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