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Find a Thinking Rock

Find a Thinking Rock… Ok, what’s a Thinking Rock?

This is a Thinking Rock:


So is this:


It doesn’t actually literally have to be a rock. I do seem to be partial to them myself, but the fact that it’s a rock is not the essential bit. The essential bit is:

  • You can sit down
  • When you sit down, the views fill your senses. You can gaze, listen, be awed
  • The place feels special to you
  • It’s peaceful, you can sit undisturbed

So, the Thinking Rock doesn’t have to be a rock, it could be a bench, a handy tree trunk, a sunny patch of grass … Some place outside where you love the views, be they hills and mountains, streams, rivers, parkland, garden, seaside.

Then there’s the “Thinking” bit. You don’t actually think at the Thinking Rock either.  The point of the Thinking Rock is that once there, your senses are so full and you feel connected to views so uplifting, that you forget all about conscious thinking.

The Thinking Rock allows your thoughts to stop scampering about trying to find an answer. It tucks your ego up in an awesome snuggle of nature and allows your brain to untangle. It eases fear, tension and grasping for answers. It calms, sooths, rebalances. It brings a little zing of inspiration. Your Thinking Rock is space for you to Just Be. It’s a space where you find it easy to Just Be. In such a place, you can feel what you really feel.

Let nature do the work. Sit and be awed. Allow contents to settle.

Find your Thinking Rock, where you need neither think nor be sat on a rock.

That is all 🙂