Favourite Things…

Part playful New Year fun, part simple reminder… Are you spending a bit of time doing some of your favourite things?


Rainbows on mountains and bright golden sunrise
Sunlight on hilltops and star sparkling night skies
Mountains that soar till my heart simply sings
These are a few of my favourite things

Mountain pony funny face

Wild chestnut ponies and great soaring buzzards
Welsh cakes and cheese cakes and boots caked in red muds
Farm cats that purr and share life in full swing
These are a few of my favourite things


Rucsacs and champagne and picnics on hilltops
New friends and old friends and fresh food from real shops
Sweet mountain water drunk straight from the springs
These are a few of my favourite things

Mountain stream , Black Mountains

Old Welsh farmhouses that snuggle the hillside
Dreams that share love and a joy in and outside
Small steps and brave steps and steps that stretch wings
These are a few of my favourite things


When the fears rise
When the doubts sting
When I’m feeling low
I simply remember my favourite things
And then I just feel –

Ah. This bit is not going to scan so well….

How I feel? Well, I certainly don’t go straight from “Waaaaargh!!!!!” to skipping through the daisies just by thinking about my favourite things. But they remind me why I do what I do; They nurture my strength and belief in myself, and help me take action if something’s bothering me. They lift & comfort, connect, hug.

Can anyone squidge that in to a word that will scan please??!!!

Wishing you a contented, fulfilling 2014, with plentiful nurture from your favourite things. Happy New Year! xx

Raindrops on pink rose

Tuna Nicoise Salad Banoffee Cake

With love and thanks to the beautiful Black Mountains, and all my friends, guests, suppliers & supporters!

One response to “Favourite Things…

  1. This was fun and thought-provoking; an inspiration as always! Xxx


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