Permission to idle

We categorise adults who sit in contemplative moods as flakey, spacey, or lazy. But for your brain to do its best work, you need to be idle. If you want to have great ideas or if you just want to get to know yourself, you must stop managing your time. At the very least, modern neuroscience is rapidly amassing more and more evidence that the resting state of the brain is vital to its health – Andrew Smart, Auto Pilot: The art and science of doing nothing


This is one whopping great, year-long permit to include idle time in your day, every day: Amble, gaze at whatever brings you joy, snuggle by an open fire with a glass of wine, picnic by a stream, meditate, nap, watch the clouds go by …


If you have a To Do List, your bit of idle time is not the least important thing on it; it is the most important thing, the thing that’s going to nurture you and maintain you in working condition to handle the other things on that list.

So get a grip and develop your capacity for idling!

Being insanely busy all the time is not only bad for you; it also prevents you from discovering the human being you were meant to be – Andrew Smart, Auto Pilot: The art and science of doing nothing

P.S Winter time can be particularly good for chilling champagne whilst idling šŸ˜€


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