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Allowing compliments

I feel warmed and fulfilled when I can let in the fact, or permit myself to feel that someone cares for, accepts, admires or prizes me – Carl Rogers

This is a biggy for many people!!!

Have you ever watched someone playing “compliment cricket?” It goes something like this:

“Wow, you’ve got a real talent there!”
….”Oh no, it’s pretty easy really” …. BAT

“You made a real difference to that meeting”
….”It went well, didn’t it? I guess everyone was in a good mood today!” …. BAT

“This is delicious!! I love your cooking!”
…”Anyone can do it, I have a great recipe book” …. HIT FOR SIX

Bread Pudding

Nana’s Bread Pudding

Any one of those comments could be gracefully received, appreciated and used to nurture our confidence, awareness or ideas as to how we use our talents. But what do we instead? Bat the dratted positive feedback safely out of earshot, claim it was, “nothing really” and protect our littleness.

Well, go join the fielding side for a bit will you?

Catch those kind comments, and hold them long enough to absorb their best intent for you. If you truly find them inaccurate, you can put them down again – but you’ve still done something to provoke that positive comment, haven’t you? What was it? What part of you would it provide nourishment for, if you actually allowed yourself to hear it?