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Hope is a renewable quality

Today’s thought is about hope… and the difference between gently nurturing your sense of hope or ignoring it.

In this context, hope is way softer than an expectation of a specific result. It’s more of a quiet sense of background direction, a flow moving forwards, exact details and route unknown but a direction you want to explore. Hope speaks quietly in words like “may be…” “might” “curious” “possibly” “what if…?” “I wonder…”

Not every moment feels as hopeful, or so connected to that sense of gentle momentum. Sometimes you just splat in a heap, stumble about, or inexplicably decide that you are so close to your dreams, you’d better turn back. Not every recovery from a set back will be stupendously elegant, swift or resourceful. We do the best we can at the time: My scale for “best I can” goes from Complete Pants to Stonkingly Awesome.

Hope matters because it leads you through fear, it hears your doubts and encourages you to consider that maybe not all of those doubts are completely based in fact. Hope reminds you that new things are likely to feel uncomfortable at first, and the answer to that is not to stop, but to practice, gently. Hope can also be a cheeky monkey and play hide and seek, especially if you haven’t been nurturing yourself and are getting a bit frazzled.

But I think one of the ways you can nurture hope is to to treat each moment as a new one.

Hope can be nurtured by reminding yourself that the future is not set. The fact that you’ve ballsed something up, again, does not mean you will balls it up for ever more. The past does not equal your future. The past gives you some experience to draw from. End of.

What you choose to do right now, with this moment, that’s where you can become hopeful again. Especially if you’re willing to make a tiny change, and see how that works out. Hope is stronger than fear, and with a glimmer of hope – or a socking great truckload of it – you can keep taking little steps forwards.

As Thomas Kinkade said, hope is a renewable quality. Renewable at New Year, & New Moons, renewable every moment, every breath. Whether you choose to do something differently or circumstances change around you, some kind of newness will happen.

Daisy - hope is renewable quote

Hope is a renewable quality

Courageous lives

Every courageous life is lived in the grit and difficulty of existence – David Whyte

Like many kids, I grew up with stories that started with, “Once upon a time…” and ended with, ” … and lived happily ever after.” Excellent, a good cheery start for kids.

But at some point, possibly during adolescence, possibly during second adolescence (aka mid life), you kind of start to realise that somewhere in the ending there really ought to be a mention of the fact that, as well as the happy bit, “Sh*t still happens.”

Mountain horse poo & toadstools

Sh*t till happens… (and stuff grows!)

Because it does: Things don’t work out; People you love go away, fall ill or have the audacity to die; Your circumstances change in a way you don’t like; You fall in love and sometimes you fall back out again; Dreams come true and then you discover the dream comes with some tedious rubbishy stuff to deal with too…

Rainbow and cloud over Hay-on-Wye

No rainbow without some rain

So, this quote is nurturing to me because it reminds me that life is amazing and we can blossom into the most wonderful new ways of living and sharing our particular talents. And whilst all that gorgeous stuff is happening, it’s absolutely normal for stuff to hit the fan sometimes, and we manage it as best we can. That’s part of the story, it’s part of the deal. It’s part of life, along with the happiness.

So there’s no need to throw your toys out of the pram if things don’t go your way. Just decide what you can do about it. Keep the faith and carry on, deal with the sh*t and enjoy the happiness 🙂

Rainbow in Ewyas valley, Black Mountains

Oh look, rainbow is right here