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Nature’s soundtrack

One of the things I love best about being out in wild places is the peaceful, natural soundtrack. No cars. No trains. Few planes.

Instead, peaceful layers of sound that add flavour to the visual feast: Some sounds evoke memories and feelings, like the skylark, whose soaring song instantly connects me to many stunning hot walks where the whole world seemed to just slow down for a while…

(Thank you Chris Chalk for the youtube Skylark http://www.chrischalkart.com/)

The sound of the leaves rustling along an Autumn path; ewes and lambs bleating in the spring; the multiple different gurgles, giggles and chuckles of shallow streams tumbling over rocks; the various birds chirping and calling – some evoking open spaces like the buzzard and skylark, some closer to home like the blackbird’s evening song, or a thrush happily singing (or of course smashing a snail on the rocks, less tuneful but definitely rhythmical!)…

Mountain stream , Black Mountains

Gurgling stream in the Black Mountains

Whatever sounds of nature you love, there are rich layers to be enjoyed. If you pause and listen for what else you can hear that you haven’t already tuned in to, the layers go on… and on … and on.

A true feast!