Raindrops on roses…

This morning I once more found myself outside enjoying a beautiful morning: A “raindrops on roses,” moment of nurture that filled me up and started my day delightfully.

No roses were actually involved on this occasion, but after overnight rain, raindrops were on pretty much every other flower!

Enough said, I hope you are enjoying your own moments of nurture, whatever they may be 🙂

Sunflower in early morning sun

Sunflower awakening to early morning sun


Bumble Bee on sunflower

Busy Bee gets busy

Sunflowers on allotment

Bright morning, bright blooms

Bertie Junior, gardening assistant

… whiskers on kittens – my gardening assistant, Bertie

Marigold with raindrops

One of the day’s new marigolds

Rain laden yellow marigold

And one that was open overnight 😉

Raindrops on Salmon Pink Hollyhock flower

Hollyhocks drenched in sparkling rain

Raindrops on apricot hollyhock flower

Also available in peachy cream…

Raindrops on red wine hollyhock

… and burgundy red


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