Small steps…

One may walk up a giant mountain one step at a time – John Muir

Well said Mr Muir! One has walked up many mountains, one step at at time.

The richness of mountain metaphors is astonishing to me. None more nurturing than the power of small, persistent steps. I KNOW how slow I can go up mountains, as I’ve been privileged to holiday up nice big hills in the Himalayas,  Andes and Alps.

At 16000ft, heading towards the Thorung La on the Annapurna Circuit Oct 2000

At 16000ft, heading towards the Thorung La, on the Annapurna Circuit Oct 2000

With every ascent at altitude it is wise, and indeed necessary, to take a steady pace. Once you’re back down in oxygen rich atmosphere, the effort of the climb seems a distant weirdity. But at altitude, on an eight hour ascent with every single step simply puffing you out, your brain gets a phenomenal lesson in what can be achieved one step at a time.

My development of relaxing mountain retreats has been the same: Small steps, persistently heading broadly in the direction I want to go.

How small is small? It can be miniscule! I can remember one day, feeling rather low and overwhelmed, my achievement was to find the telephone number of an organisation that might be able to give me some tips. The next day I dialed the number and got a bit of info. The day after that I rang another place and got a bit more info. About 2 weeks later, everything was sorted and my way ahead was clear again.

Just keep plodding... on Chichicapac in the Andes, June 2005

Just keep plodding… on Chichicapac in the Andes, June 2005

My pacing of myself and of others is a feature, perhaps something I am especially comfortable with and willing to champion in others: Persistence, patience and compassion nurture you and your talents. Value each and every small step you take!

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be only afraid of staying still

And actually, don’t be afraid of staying still whilst you rest, idle, daydream or recharge either. Just don’t stay still indefinitely because you will get bored and really hungry 🙂

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