Lowering standards

The joy of lowering your standards! Tough love for anyone with high standards, but ohhhh so effective at maintaining forward momentum rather than tum-te-tum-I’m-still-stuck-ness:

“Much of what we do gets stuck not because we don’t try hard enough, but because we try too hard… we aim too high, too quickly, being prematurely concerned with correctness & results at the expense of practice and process” – Manjusvara.

To nurture your ideas, your momentum, your hopes – lower your standards enough.

Take the step that you can do today 😀


One response to “Lowering standards

  1. Very closely related to this is something that I have very slowly learned is that there is no perfect time to do anything.

    I actually learned this in a work context first, that no IT system is EVER quite ready to be implemented. There’s always something more that you can do to make it ‘perfect’. But once you’ve got it working (mostly!), stick it in and most people won’t notice the difference. And if they do, you can mend it for them!

    Being a bit slow on the uptake, I suspect this is true of life choices too. There won’t be a perfect time to do something – OK or good is probably all we need 🙂


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