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For days when you doubt…

Just because I can’t do it today, doesn’t mean I’m not going to be able to do it some day

This film is for all of us who’ve ever had a day where doubts danced about… for all of us that have feared that we’d never move forwards from where we are, or where we were.

I fell many times… but I got back up again

As nurturing films go, I think this is my personal favourite. The quotes on this page, and the feeling behind them, have sustained me on the days when I’m feeling totally bleaaaargh.

I started to believe it could happen…

I’m not saying that belief is the only thing you need – a bit of action and practise is rather essential too. But without the belief in yourself – the motivation to take the next step, practise and do the bit you can do is oh so much harder to find.


And WITH that self belief … wow. You can find yourself gradually pootling into territory way better than you ever dreamed was possible!

Never underestimate what you can accomplish when you believe in yourself

Daily Nurture … ideas so far

Thank you to everyone who’s shared ways that they’ve created a bit of nurture for themselves!

Here’s some of the nurturing that’s been happening so far…

  • Taking time to enjoy flowers in the garden
  • A bit of a declutter
  • Cleaning that smudgey mirror you look in every day
  • A walk in a place you love
  • Remembering experiences and skills you haven’t consciously used in a while
  • Looking at beautiful pictures
  • Listening to something uplifting
  • Just sitting and remembering those that help you out
  • Relaxing with a jigsaw

Plus remember that bonus ball? Simply thinking about what you might do today to nurture yourself a little is itself nurturing… bargain 😀

If you’ve just joined this blog, you might be wondering why we are blethering on about nurture. It’s simply because I believe we can give more and live more when we are well nurtured – it’s a more compassionate and capable state than when we’re running on half empty … or on fumes!

Horse Chestnut blossom

Favourite quotes …

P.S My moment of nurture today? Browsing through my favourite quotes… inspiration, acceptance, down to earth wisdom. More on those in the next few days.